Sanctuary Keeper


Meditation MEDITATION is the practice of regaining unveiled attention and awareness. When our inner vision become clearer, we will be able to recognise the true nature of life and sail in it with better appreciation. [ THE MEDITATION COURSE: ESSENTIALS INITIATION ]This course is designed to introduce the concept of meditation in a progressive manner. …

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Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga YIN TIME is a slow-pace yoga practice that focuses on stretching out connective tissues aka fascias in the body to release stiffness and blockages. It incorporates the theory of Chinese Meridian Systems as well which enhance the energetic flow in the body to strengthen the functions of the body’s systems. The practice also …

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Forrest Yoga

Forrest Yoga FORREST YOGA is a style created by Ana T. Forrest 38 years ago while she was working through healing her own life’s traumas – abuse, addictions and ongoing suffering from chronic injuries and illnesses. It is a style well-known for its strong physical yet powerful internal focus for transformation in life. Personally, I …

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