TAIJIQUAN is Kenrick’s 1st love when it comes to movement art. It has been more than two decade since he started practicing Chinese Martial Arts. Over the years, he gathered precious experience through stage performances, National and International competitions as well as teaching group classes. Kenrick has now developed his very own unique way of appreciating this ancient art. Learn how to condition the body and mind to bring greater awareness through the graceful moves of Taijiquan. Explore meditation in movement.

Learn and understand the philosophy of Taiji through practicing basic coordination techniques and moves. You will be also get to learn a Yang style routine that will kickstart your journey to indulge yourself in this ancient art! Improve your physical, mental and emotional state and fall in love with moving meditation!

[Who to attend?]
– Anyone enthusiastic to learn about this beautiful chinese art and culture
– All are welcome, no prior experience required

– Private 1 to 1 or Mini Group (2-4)
– Every session is 75 minutes
– Rates start from Sgd 120/- per session
– Minimum of 8 sessions per Term (to be completed within 10 weeks)

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