Yin Yoga

YIN TIME is a slow-pace yoga practice that focuses on stretching out connective tissues aka fascias in the body to release stiffness and blockages. It incorporates the theory of Chinese Meridian Systems as well which enhance the energetic flow in the body to strengthen the functions of the body’s systems. The practice also brings upon peaceful moments that are so much needed and deserved in today’s hectic, modern world.

This is a calming and passive yoga practice. Take a break from the busy mundane life and sink into the little universe within you.

[Who to attend?]
– Anyone enthusiastic to learn about the practice of yoga
– All are welcome, no prior experience required

– Private 1 to 1 or Mini Group (2-4)
– Every session is 75 minutes
– Rates start from Sgd 120/- per session
– Minimum of 3 sessions per Term (to be completed within 5 weeks)

To arrange your 1st yoga session >>> CONNECT WITH US

Ad-hoc classes scheduled on a weekly basis. Every week we will explore a different theme & intent for a powerful healing time on the mat.

[Who to attend?]
– Existing Yin Yoga lovers
– Suitable for all level

[What to expect?]
– Closed group practice
– Private group size of 4 students per class
– Lying or seated asanas (poses) based practice
– Long hold in each poses (3-5 minutes)
– Meditative & contemplative approach 

If you are familiar with the practice of Yin Yoga, we welcome you to join our practice group.