Deepen the relationship with yourself.

EXPLORE is an active approach to regain heighten self awareness. Be inspired by the ancient wisdom of the body and mind.

Many great masters and gurus had created amazing art forms such as Taijiquan and Yoga centuries ago. These arts were passed down from generations to generations not only to promote cultures but for individual’s self development. Dive into the essences of each art, while respectfully taking humble steps back to consider the evolution of humanity. This allows the discovery of new perspectives based on modern day context to facilitate the highest learning potential.

Which art will you be intrigued to explore today?

Forrest Yoga is a tough love! Get ready for an intensely breath-centric practice of abdominal exercise, long holding asanas and playful learning. 
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Yin Yoga helps to hydrate the fascia system in the body through passive asanas. The meridian lines are also stimulated in the process and that promotes a balance in the energy flow within us.
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Flow with the graceful movements of Taichi Martial Arts. Condition your body and mind and bring more awareness into your life. 
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