Explore and experience the many forms of ancient arts that brings upon healing and growth.

Forrest Yoga is a tough love! Get ready for an intensely breath-centric practice of abdominal exercise, long holding asanas and playful learning.

Yin Yoga helps to hydrate the fascia system in the body through passive asanas. The meridian lines are also stimulated in the process and that promotes a balance in the energy flow within us.

Flow with the graceful movements of Taichi Martial Arts. Condition your body and mind and bring more awareness into your life.

Core Shamanism is the distillation of shamanic techniques commonly practiced throughout many indigenous cultures. The very essence of shamanic wisdom is maintained yet it’s effectiveness not compromised.
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Meditation is the practice of regaining an unveiled attention and awareness. When our inner vision becomes clear, we will be able to recognise the true nature of life and sail in it with better appreciation.

Qi means energy and Gong means work. The art of Qigong studies the energy flow within us and its connection to the external around us through our body. When all is aligned, balance will then be attained.