The practice of shamanism is a method, not a religion. It exists in all inhabited continents as well as established religions in many cultures in their unique form. The word “shaman” in the original Tungus language refers to a person who makes journeys to non-ordinary reality in an altered state of consciousness. He/She will then connect with his/her all compassionate, benevolent helping spirits (also known in many names such as angels, archangels, saints, god, goddess, deities, bodhisattvas, etc) to perform healing or divination request.

Kenrick is trained in Core Shamanism, a distillation of techniques commonly practiced in many indigenous tribes, from the Foundation of Shamanic Studies. He had received a series of initiations that enable him to connect deeply with his helping spirits to bring healing and advice to his community.

In the Shamanic point of view, there is a spiritual aspect to almost everything in life. From healing a physical injury to an emotional trauma or even considering options at a changing phase of life. We can be supported by the powers and perspectives of all-compassionate, higher intelligence beings who are ever so willing to help us.

[What is the process like?]
– Pre & Post chat regarding the healing needed
– Actual healing, the process depends on case-by-case basis
– A review 1 week later, further advice will be provided

Energy Exchange: Sgd 148 per session (up to 60mins)
Studio: The 1 Space studio @ Chinatown

Maintaining cleanliness in our living space is a common knowledge and practice. We often adopt regular hygiene cleaning as well as yearly or half-yearly spring cleaning. Dumming attunement is the clearing and cleansing of the space on a energetical and spiritual level. Compassionate help will be given to remove stagnant energies and uninvited entities follow by cleansing and blessings upon the space.

Energy Exchange: From Sgd 88 per visit

This is a group session open to anyone keen to receive and support healing. The group size is limited to 4 persons so that every individual has a chance to request specific healing needs. There will also be a group blessings to empower everyone in the circle!

[Upcoming Session]
Tuvan Drum Healing:
 03 April 2021, 7pm – 8.15pm
Power Soul Retrieval: 17 April 2021, 7pm – 8.15pm

Energy Exchange: Sgd 48 per session (No refund for any absence but slot transferable)
 The 1 Space studio @ Chinatown
*Session will proceed only when circle of 4 is formed.